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Music project, week 9-12

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Grundskola 9 Engelska
During these weeks you will work with music texts and analyze them. The purpose is to understand the texts you read. You will also work individually with online reading exercises.



Week 9 - Introduction, collective work with given texts

Week 10 - Individual task 1

Week 11 - Task 2 (writing) 

Week 12 - Task 3 (speaking) 

See task description below:

In this assignment, you will choose a song. You may pick any song you like, as long as it has lyrics and that the lyrics are in English.

Use your headphones and listen to the song that you’ve chosen. Try to just listen and write down the lyrics of the song. You can pause if you need to, and you can
listen again. You can write on a piece of paper, or on your iPad or you can use the notes on your phone.

When you have the lyrics written down, take some time to think about and answer these questions about your song:

Task 1

1) In your opinion, what is the song about? Explain how you reached your conclusion.

2) How does the song make you feel? Why?

3) What about this song makes it, in your opinion, a good song?

4) Does this song make you think of something else? Can you compare or connect the song to another work of art that you know about (another song/text/film etc.)?

Task 2

What do you know about the artist/singer/group/author? Write a short essay about it using only English (between 300-500 words).

Task 3

Prepare an oral presentation where you give an explanation and motivation of your choice, as well as a presentation of the artist.


  • Your song

  • Essay

  • Oral presentation

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