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Section 1

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Grundskola F – 9
In this section we will read and talk about the city of Manchester. We are going to practice phrases that you use when you are shopping and when you are packing. We will also learn words for things you need on a trip and words connected to traveling and airports. To prepare for your test you will do exercises in workbook and get to practice during lessons. It is important that you look at wordlists when you read texts in textbook.


Grade 6 English Section1


Checklist for section 1



The texts you need to be familiar with, tick the circle when done: You should always check the wordlists on every text to make sure that you understand all the difficult words.

O Welcome to Manchester           p10-11

O Manchester                                   p12-13

O The trip                                           p14                                        

O Simon goes shopping                  p15

O Time for packing                           p16                                            

O Simon’s bag                                    p17

O At the airport                                p18-19

O Flying into rage                             p20                                         

O The day a great team died         p21



The exercises you need to do, tick the circle when done.

Words and phrases

O 1            O 2ws       O 3            O 4                      O 5            O 6


O 7       O 8            O 10ws     O 12                      O 13         


O 14         


O 21ws     O 22     O 23ws   O 24ws                          


O 28                          

Grammar (starts on page 18)

O 1ABC    



Worksheets for exercises: 2, 10, 21, 23, 24, 25                         

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