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Planering section 1 åk 8

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Grundskola F – 9
In this section we're going to learn about the influence of media.




Checklist for section 1 The Media

The texts you need to be familiar with, tick the circle when done: You should always check the wordlists on every text to make sure that you understand all the difficult words.

O The media is all around us.         P. 10-12       

O The power of advertising.            P. 13-15

O It’s in the paper.                             P. 16-17       

O Famous magazines.                       P. 18-19     

O Popular soaps and TV shows      P. 22-24

O Watching TV                                    P. 28-29

O Famous reality shows                   P. 25-27

O The outside chance                       P. 30-32




The exercises you need to do, tick the circle when done.

Words and phrases

O 1            O 3A          O 5           

O                O 7A     O 9A


O 10          O 11          O 14          O                       O         O 18          O 19A


(On discussion exercises you should write down key words in your notebook)

O 24          O 25          O 26          O


O 33          O 36    


O 42          O                O 45

Grammar (starts on page 28)

O 1: A,B,D                      O 2:A,B                           O 3:A,B                          

O 4:A,B,C                       O 5:A,B,C,D            O 6:A,B,C,D

O 7:A,B

Optional exercises to do if you have the time

8A, 21

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