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Romeo&Juliet v.41

Skapad 2017-10-04 15:04 i Sannarpsgymnasiet Halmstad
Gymnasieskola Engelska
Week 41-42 Planning, preparing: Seminars on Romeo & Juliet



 Through this  seminar I hope to engage everyone into an in-depth, self reflective and educational conversation about the story of Romeo and Juliet, using the original play version of the story. You will be instructed on how to respectively engage and participate in an intellectual discussion with other students within the classroom. They will learn the value of question based method for analyzing the text and the reading experience. Through this seminar students will learn about the theme of Family Honor, Love, Faith. Characterization, dramatic tension and the time aspect will be other topics.  through an engaging conversation about our focus text Romeo and Juliet through two modes of representation. Students will learn about the subject as well as gain an understanding for how to interact with other students in the  class room.


You will find topics and further details about the seminars on the blogg.



  • Seminars on Romeo&Juliet