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These last lessons before Christmas Holidays

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Soon Christmas


English  work alternatives:

Plan your lesson so you do at least 20 min of grammar, each lesson. Remember to correct.

  • "Old" National Tests, reading or listening:

www.nafs.gu.se (åk 9),

Answering sheets in "my" carriage/wagon or on "my" desk

Remember: 1) Read and underline new words and expressions

                    2) write them in your notebook or on your ipad. Translate them into Swedish (ord.se) and/or find the English definition in Oxford dictionaries or Longman.


individual work or 2&2 (but do some of the exercises individually also)


  • Grammar

Häfte: "Check your English Grammar". NB! Correct after each chapter.


  • Oral exercises: on "my" desk in a paper box  



Good Luck!