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Argumentative Speech - English 6+7

Skapad 2018-01-10 09:42 i Kattegattgymnasiet Halmstad
Gymnasieskola Engelska
Every day we are faced with different people's opinions about this and that. Through the media, at school and in our own homes. We listen and disagree or agree with what they have to say. Sometimes we change our opinion after having listened to a really efficient argument and sometimes we become radically against something just because the argumentation in the subject matter is ungrounded and bad. In this assignment, you are the one who will form an opinion about something that you feel strongly about. You will build efficient, well-grounded and nuanced arguments to deliver to class in a clear and concise way. Before and after the sports break you will give your speech either live in class, or through a filmed video clip.


You can find all the instructions for this assignment here!

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