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Reading Comprehension - Inference

Skapad 2018-02-04 20:02 i Kvarngärdesskolan Uppsala
Practice on how to make logical inferences.
Grundskola 5 Engelska
We will continue learning about different text types and develop reading comprehension by interpreting texts both literal and inferential.



To be able to read a range of text types.

 To develop reading comprehensions; literal and inferential understanding of texts.  


Reading and understanding a variety of  texts e.g poems and stories. 

Retelling stories and events. 

Following instructions.


How the Learning  Will be Assessed:

How well you are able to understand a variety of texts and their content including drawing conclusions from information given. You will be able to show what you know during class in your worksheets and on your online test.


Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension
Show understanding of the text by retelling the content, making inferences and drawing deductions.
You understand what you read. You can use information from a text to draw conclusions, make inferences and make predictions.
You can read a variety of text types and understand as well as retell the main points. You can draw conclusions and make predictions when reading different types of text.
You can read a whole text and understand and retell the whole story. You easily draw conclusions and make predictions and connect the information to a new context.
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