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Section Life and Death

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Grundskola 9 Engelska
In Section 2, Life and Death, you will work with various texts and exercises. You will recognize the planning sheet from the previous section, so there will hopefully be no problem knowing what to work with.


The following texts are we going to work with together in different ways:

  • A good life
  • Life after life
  • Euthanasia: is it mercy killing?

Texts to choose between:

  • Life on three legs or The funeral or Three were left
  • The Joker or Adrian's every day life

Most of the words connected to the texts can be found on where you can practise them. 

The grammar connected to this section are

  • sättsadverb
  • ordföljd
  • verb + ing-form
  • possessiva pronomen

Don't forget to work with the irregular verbs too every once in a while; you can still practise them on

Homework will be words and sometimes a written text that you hand in on Unikum. Check your planning sheet and the whiteboard in your classroom for details.

Every now and then you will be asked to evaluate your own work and answer some questions on Unikum about your progress.



  • The Joker or Adrian's everyday life

  • The Joker or Adrian's everyday life

  • A good life

  • A good life

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