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Window on Britain

Skapad 2018-03-18 19:02 i Kullaviksskolan 7-9 Kungsbacka Förskola & Grundskola
Wings År 8
Grundskola 7 – 9 Engelska


Content of the work

We’ll take a deep dive into the differences and similarities between what it is like to live in Sweden vs Britain. These are the areas we will study:

school                                           (week 12)

food culture                                   (week 13)

homes and housing                      (week 15)

geography                                     (week 16)

final: 4 groups+ posters                (week 17-18)

How will we do this? 

We will use a documentary program which is called "Window on Britain". Each week we will take a look at one episode from this documentary.
You will take notes while watching / listening.
I will also give you the links to the programs, in case you want / need to rewatch some of the episodes. 

You will also do some very hands-on tasks such as:

·       creating your own English schedule - using the information you have about the English school days

·       creating your own grocery store and a hotel-restaurant breakfast-buffet menu, using the information you have about British food culture

·       making a map of your own make-believe suburb - using the information you have about British housing and British homes

·       working with a map of the entire Britain - marking the main ports, cities and other areas of interest

Why - what skills are we working with? 

Listening and reading comprehension: you will get to deepen your abilities to take notes, tease out the the important stuff from the not-so-important fluff, look up new words, find expressions which you need in order to discuss the different areas we are studying and the like. 

Written English: you will write an essay in which you discuss the similarities and differences of everyday life between Sweden / Britain. This will further enlarge your vocabulary as well as sharpen your argumentative skills. You should use your notes and new vocabulary from earlier lessons in the essay.

Spoken English: during these weeks you will have a discussion on given topics in small groups. The discussion topics will not be known before hand, but they will all belong within the given theme. This gives you the chance to practise spoken English in small, informal groups / situations, as well as your ability to show consideration towards the other people in your group and everyone getting an equal chance to speak and express their opinion about a given topic. 


  • Week 19-21: Housing and living

  • Läxa till 25 maj

  • Läxa till 25 maj

  • Läxa till 25 maj

  • Läxa prepositioner v. 17

  • Läxa Prepositioner v. 17

  • Läxa Prepositioner v 17

  • Week 18-20: Housing and living

  • Week 17-18: Housing and living

  • week 12: schools

  • week 15-16: food

Kopplingar till läroplanen

  • Syfte
  • förstå och tolka innehållet i talad engelska och i olika slags texter,
  • formulera sig och kommunicera i tal och skrift,
  • reflektera över livsvillkor, samhällsfrågor och kulturella företeelser i olika sammanhang och delar av världen där engelska används.
  • Centralt innehåll
  • Levnadsvillkor, traditioner, sociala relationer och kulturella företeelser i olika sammanhang och områden där engelska används.
    En  7-9
  • Talad engelska och texter från olika medier.
    En  7-9
  • Strategier för att uppfatta detaljer och sammanhang i talat språk och texter, till exempel att anpassa lyssnande och läsning efter framställningens form, innehåll och syfte.
    En  7-9
  • Olika sätt att bearbeta egna framställningar för att variera, tydliggöra, precisera och anpassa dem efter deras syften.
    En  7-9
  • Samtal och diskussioner samt argumentation.
    En  7-9
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