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South Africa

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The rise of a nation I see you


Third Time


Chapter 3a

Textbook The rise of a nation

Workbook exercise 1a, 2a+b, 3, 4 + soundcheck (5 if you have the time)


Chapter 3b

Textbook I see you

Workbook 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 (9 if you have the time)

Write all the exercises in your notebook. Correct with a key after each page.


Tracks 3

Textbook Nelson Mandela

Workbook exercise 1a+b, 2, 3


Textbook Surfers´paradise

Workbook exercise 1, 2, 3 choose between a, b or c

  • Third Time kap 3a

  • Third Time kap 3b

  • Third Time kap 3 (övning 7)

  • Third Time kap 3 passiv form

Choose Grammar in the menu.

Choose Passive voice in the right column.

Scroll down to Exercises on Passive (Active → Passive)

  • Exercise on Passive with Simple Present

  • Exercise on Passive with Simple Past

  • Exercise on Passive with Present Perfect

  • Exercise on Passive with Future

Checkpoint 3

You will get the chance to show what you have learnt during these weeks:


  • new words

  • the passive

  • new facts about South Africa

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