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Music project

Skapad 2018-03-26 13:46 i Tiundaskolan Uppsala
Grundskola 7 – 9 Musik
During a few lessons we will be working on a music project. Choose a singer, a group or some special kind of music that you would like to work with.



Planeringens innehåll

- Ord/begrepp att kunna:

Se nedan (rubrik wordlist)


- Arbetsformer:

You are going to make a research where all the following topics will be included:



Why did you choose this particular group/singer/music? What makes them special?

What is your opinion about the group/singer/music?



Find facts about the group/singer/music you have chosen. For example: history, videos, group members, concerts etc.


A song

Pick one song sung by the group/singer/typical for the music and translate the lyrics into Swedish (or English if it is a Swedish song).



Analyze the lyrics. (Your thoughts about it ca not be wrong!)

What happens in the song? Why do you think the song is written? What does the singer want to say?



Include a wordlist with at least 15 words you have learned  by working with the lyrics (and the project). 


- Detta ska du kunna när arbetsområdet är slut för att nå godtagbara resultat:

Se Kunskapskrav

- Bedömning baseras på exempelvis:


Your research leads up to a presentation of your project to the class. Try to really work on the presentation and be as creative as possible, make it fun! See it as if you are to hold a five-minute lesson in music for your class, try to teach them something! (The presentation should be about five minutes long.)


- Tidsplan: w 11-13, Presentations:Friday w 15

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