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Welcome to Hogwarts

Skapad 2018-04-17 10:09 i Fuxernaskolan Lilla Edet
Grundskola F – 9
We are now heading for a world of magic and myths. Make sure to not be late for catching the train from platform nine and three-quarters.


During these weeks we will look closer up on the magic in the Harry Potter books and the myths and supersticion of our muggler world. If you thought that Rowling chose the names of the person and places out of nowhere - you might think again!


Let's talk mysteries (Gleerup)

Here you can read about persons, places and magical potions in the Harry Potter books.

The mythology behind the characters

Presentation of top 10 Harry Potter characters



  • Silent film

  • Watching film

  • Write a magic story or describe an event!

  • Write about a character from the Harry Potter story

  • Which house are you?

  • Evil villains

  • The magic wordlist

  • Silent film

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