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Skapad 2018-05-02 11:23 i Västra Stenhagenskolan Uppsala
Grundskola F
You will work with the many different dialects in English.



Variations of the English language

In this task you will do a short presentation for the class regarding different variations of the English language, such as dialects. You are going to work in small groups, (two - three people in each group). You cannot pick a dialect that another group has already picked.

                      Your presentation

·         Your presentation should be 8-10 minutes long

·         It should be presented with PowerPoint/or similar.              

§  Feel free to use videos which might help your presentation.

·         It should contain small tasks for the rest of the class to do, so they can practice/experience your dialect.

o   Examples of tasks:

§  How does the dialect sound?

§  Words / phrases


Titel: One Woman, 17 British Accents
Utgivare: Anglophenia: 5.20 minuter.


Variations of English:

1.      Scotland                                    Felix, Simon

4.      USA                                            Alan, Aref

5.      Canada                                       Linda, Lisa

6.      Jamaica                                      Hadieh, Nicole, Marjan

7.      Australia                                      John, Samira

8.      India                                            Axel, Ossian, Linus

9.      Hong Kong                                  Sahand, Bawer

10.  Singapore                                    Moska, Maria, Isabelle

11.  Kenya                                          Angelin, Lorin

12.  Nigeria                                         Eric, Anton, Lucas

15.  Ireland                                         Irfan, Ray, Sebastian