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A project about the USA

Skapad 2018-05-09 09:03 i Britsarvsskolan Falun
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Ett muntligt arbete om USA, där man två och två presenterar en stat, samt något man själv väljer ifrån USA.


A p                     A project about the USA



I want you to do an oral presentation about a state in the USA with your partner.

You are also going to present your own choice from the USA

You hand in your notes.

We work during 4 lessons.


  • You work together with a partner but both make their own notes

  • You collect facts from Base book 8, Passport to the USA, the library, Internet etc. Write down your sources!

  • You write with your own words!!

  • For a higher grade don’t just give facts, express your own opinions and thoughts, too.

  • You present it to the class in an interesting way. I prefer a powerpoint.

This is what your presentation must contain: (compulsory)

    • A map of your state

    • Introduction -what you are going to talk about and why.

    • Facts about your state. Explain in words, the flag, population, capital, money and so on.

    • Make a tourist guide, Tell us about famous sights, the history, “language” and climate, etc

    • Choose your own choice. Has to have something to do with the USA.

    • Sources: at the end you write where you found your information.

Choose one (or more) of these chapters:  (your own choices)

    • If you have been to The USA you can talk about that.

    • The Indians

    • Grand Canyon

    • Tornadoes

    • Earthquakes

    • The School system

    • American presidents

    • Musicals

    • Sports

    • Films or books

    • Famous products

    • Famous sights

    • (A famous person)


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