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A letter to connect

Skapad 2018-07-11 12:39 i Sommarskola 2018 Borlänge
Grundskola F Engelska
Eleverna får engelska skriftligt uppgifter så det är jätte viktigt att eleverna arbetar uppgifterna även tar hemma sen arbetar och sen lämnar in senast fredag den 13/7



The following Points could be included


1: Introduce your self briefly.

2: Explain why you want to join the camp and why you think this would be a good experience.

3: Suggest different activities for the camp weeks-indoors/outdoors,days/evenings,etc.

   why would they be meaningful? How can you help out?

4: Suggest an issue that you would like to discuss and learn more about at the camp.

    Explain why ?

5: Describe what a camp like this might lead to in the future for the people who take part and in 

   a wider perspective.


Mohamed Omar Naga

English teacher

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