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Introduction English 7

Skapad 2018-08-22 12:45 i Rodengymnasiet Norrtälje
Gymnasieskola Engelska
Introducing the course, the course curriculum and tools you will use throughout the course. The first classes will contain different text-types that you will meet during the course.


The introduction part of this course aims at:

1 Presenting the course and assessment.

2 Presenting a couple of text-types that you are supposed to be familiar with when the course ends.

3 Practice writing a couple of text types

4 Learning about citation of sources and quotes. Practice on how to use it.



Class 1 Introducing the course curriculum, term planning and the first part of the course that will contain different text-types. 

The text types that will be introduced are: Memo, Report, Scientific Article, Reviews, Writing in literature. 

Class 2 Writing your memo- You are to write a memo where you present your exam project.

Class 3 Reading other students' memos providing comments. Hand in next class.

Class 4 Hand in memo. Working with reviews. Presentation of what a review is and how it should be used in your report. Citation of sources and quotes. Different ways of referring to sources.

Class 5 Bring books to make reviews of. Review writing.

Class 6 Citation and quotes - spoken material. Ted talks- referring to what was said in a new context. 


  • Course curriculum

  • Writing my memo

  • Reviewing books and practice citation


Introduction English 7

Referring and citing content

This regards the level of accuracy in your review, your language and communicative skills and how well you make use of the memo-text type
Nivå 1
Nivå 2
Nivå 3
Citations and reference markers
This concerns your skill in making use of reference markers and citation
Your text indicates that you are using sources and you use citations and reference markers.
You make use of citations and reference markers following one of the systems Harvard or Oxford
Understanding the text
This concerns how well your text shows that you have an understanding of what you have read.
You are giving a mostly correct review of the content
You are reviewing the content correct and also makes one or two summarizing conclusions.
You are distinct in your review of the content and problematize the text when needed.
This concerns how well you make use of your language in the specific writing situation.
Your language is mostly grammatically correct, and you mostly make use of a proper academic written vocabulary.
Your language is grammatically correct and you have a distinct vocabulary that well suits the text-type.
Your language is grammatically correct, your language and vocabulary is distinct and nuanced and well situated in this genre.
This concerns how well you have understood the genres "memo" and "review".
You mostly use the correct structure and content in the different paragraphs.
You use correct structure and content in the different paragraphs.