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Terminsplanering Engelska 6-C1

Skapad 2018-08-22 14:46 i Rättviksskolan Rättvik
Grundskola F Engelska
Welcome to the accelerated program of year 6. This is an overview of the fall/spring semester.


Both productive (speaking and writing) and receptive (listening and reading) skills are assessed.  In addition, a certain knowledge about the countries and customs of the English-speaking world is important.

During the year we will be using different textbooks, as well as external material. All these will be provided by your teacher. 

  • Speaking skills – We will use English at all times (except for an occasional exercise in translation. Discussions – in pairs, small groups and whole class—are an integral part of the program.  There will be individual presentations as well.
  • Writing skills—Exercises to practice writing are central to the course. In addition, we will discuss grammar in conjunction with writing assignments, as understanding of grammar facilitates clear writing.  Opportunities for peer critique are important; often one of the first steps to being able to improve one’s own writing is recognizing difficulties in another’s.
  • Listening skills – Active listening will be vital in the classroom. At times there will be exercises in listening for specific information.
  •  Reading skills – We will devote a great deal of time to reading, as it is only through practice that fluent reading develops. With the increase in technology, most people spend less time reading. Nuances in a text are often conveyed by vocabulary, so attention will be paid to increasing vocabulary.
  • The English-speaking world – We will consider the English-speaking world in general and one country in particular. We will also study some aspects of the history of English literature.


The Swedish School Board encourages pupils to influence their lessons.  Because of this, many of the specifics of the 6th grade Advanced English Program will be decided together with the pupils. The following areas will be included, however.


  • Pupils will work on an extensive project on the United States. They will study the geography, history, the government, current events. They will give group presentations and write a “diary” of an imaginary road trip.
  • Pupils will plan, execute and then present a project during a 4-week period. The type of presentation will be up to each individual.
  • We will read together several short stories, and a novel, well as some nonfiction articles. 
  • Pupils will have 20 minutes per week to read a book of their choice. They will make short presentations of this to the class.
  • We will investigate the difference between a summary and an analysis. We will investigate the trustworthiness of differerent sources and the perils of plagiarism.
  • We will see a film together and analyze it.
  • We will do short dramatizations and role plays.
  • We will study terms for analyzing poetry as well as read a selection.
  • Pupils will study grammar in conjunction with writing. However, we will review the basics of capitalization and punctuation.  We will focus on sentence structure and how to make transitions between paragraphs.
  • We will work with idiomatic expressions to widen vocabulary. Pupils will investigate certain areas of vocabulary.


  • EN - Friday Reading Class

  • EN - Battle of Hastings