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In this assignment you will get to know another country in the world and compare that country with Sweden, from a particular viewpoint. Choose something that interests you!
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What's life like for young people in other parts of the world? Do they pay for their education? Do they get free lunch in school? When they become adults will they have free healthcare? Is there a pension system for when they retire? How about a welfare system to support them if they have children, become unemployed or are/become handicapped? In this assignment, you will learn about the living conditions, societal issues and cultural features of different parts of the world where English is spoken as a mother tongue. You will do research about a country and topic of your choice and present it to class.


This is what you should do:

  1. Choose a country or place to work with (if you are traveling to a country in the near future or have recently visited one, it could be a good idea to pick that country!). You can work together in groups of 2-3 people.
  2. Decide on two topics to focus on
  •  the living conditions (eg. How do people live? Is it common for young people to live alone like in Sweden? How are real estate prices compared to Sweden? Are schools free of charge? What do young people do in their spare time?)
  • social/societal issues (Are there any social movements taking place regarding social justice, civil rights, etc.? Are there any political movements happening that affect everyone's lives?) 
  • cultural features (How do they celebrate holidays and in what way is that different/similar to Sweden’s way of celebrating?)
  1. Conduct your study do research about both the country of your choice AND Sweden
  1. Present your work in class. Include:
  • An introduction and background to the country and topics of your choice (what we need to know in order to understand what you will talk about; the historical background, facts etc.)
  • An explanation of how things are in Sweden, compared to the other country
  • Reflect on and discuss the conclusions that you have drawn
    • Remember to be pedagogical and informative. Keep in mind that your classmates might not know much about the topic, so explain and be clear!

Length: 5-10 minutes 

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