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Power in Democracies

Skapad 2018-09-23 20:03 i Kungsholmens gymnasium Stockholm Gymnasieskolor
Gymnasieskola Humanistisk och samhällsvetenskaplig specialisering
Different Theories that try to explain who decides in democracies




Wenesday and Friday


Lesson 1+2


Pluralism + exercise

Power definitions… recap


Possibly start Elite theory


Elite theory + exercise


Lesson 2:

Elite theory + exercise


Lesson 1: 

Marxism + exercises


Lesson 2

State Autonomy theory + recap




(random groups get a theory each to do 5 min recap

…..for the others…)


Introduce assignment

examples of assignment..


Work in groups to brainstorm on different possible topics


Lesson 2

Form groups of two

Research and write



      • Choose an interesting political decision
      • Choose a theory that you think can explain the decision or the process of the decision.
      • Formulate a research question/hypothesis along the following lines:
        • “The theory of X can explain the political decision process Y”
        • Or.. "The theory X cannot explain the political process Y
      • Take the arguments that you can find and discuss them in the analysis.
        • You should discuss arguments both “for” and “against” the hypothesis.
      • Sum up your findings in the Conclusion
      • Don´t forget to write footnotes…

Lesson 2

Research and write


Lesson 1

Research and work on your 1.st draft


Lesson 2

Same as lesson 1

Lesson 1


1:st draft, peer reviews (over one drive or google drive)


 and 2

Work on the second draft


Lesson 1 

Work on 2:nd draft,

Lesson 2

  • Hand in 2:nd draft
  • feedback from teacher asap


Lesson 1 and 2

Finish your papers..

Hand in before 23.59 Sunday night  on teams!