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Planning 9C weeks 45-51

Skapad 2018-10-26 08:33 i Östra skolan Hudiksvall
Grundskola F Engelska
Listening, reading, writing and speaking.


Planning in English 9C weeks 45-51


week 45 Test: listening (Wednesday 7/11)

Test: reading (Friday 9/11)


46 Practise speaking: old national tests x 2

Introduction: reading*


47 Wednesday: Reading*

Friday: Homework. Read/listen to a piece of news. Take notes and retell next lesson (Wednesday week 48).


48 Retell your piece of news

Friday: Writing in the lesson (In Spera)


49 Listening, reading*.


50 Test: listening (Wednesday 12/12)

Test: reading (Friday 14/12)


51 Extra time


Reading*: You work with reading comprehension, using different texts that you choose between. It’s important that you work with the questions that go with each text

  • Read Theory

  • Happy extracts

  • Happy texts (Japan, Inventions, Canada)

  • English reading: 1, 2 and 3

  • English vocabulary: 1, 2 and 3


Each lesson that you work with reading comprehension you write about your work in a diary (Classroom)


National tests: Speaking

During weeks 47 and 48 you’ll do your national tests in pairs/small groups. Mostly they will take place outside our English lessons. Each test will take about 20 minutes.



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