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Grundskola 7 Engelska
The food we eat, the food we should eat.


Food – planering engelska åk 7 HT-18/ElBri

Section 3 i Textbook och Workbook. Pages 57-78.

Vocabulary: Useful words for cooking, kitchen-ware, food.

Grammar: Questions with do or does and did. Genitiv dvs ägande, substantiv i plural.


We are going to watch some cookeryshows like Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson and more.

The students will be asked to record their own cookeryshow if possible.

We are going to discuss healhy eating habits, and maybe write our own favourite recipies.

We are also going to compare food from Great Britain and Sweden, especially Christmas food.


We will be using Quizlet, Kahoot and other apps for learning.

I expect this planning will take the rest of the semester.




  • My cookery show

  • My cookery show

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