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English week 45/46/47

Skapad 2018-11-06 10:39 i Vallonskolan Östhammar
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Describe them


We will continue in the book and learn how to describe people


Week 45 - finish the Review of the Movie - start on TB p. 42 - read the text and write the yellow Words

                 Start on description of a famous person - start like this....

Week 46: finnish the description and let the class (or Group) guess who the person is

               extra work WB. p. 42 task 22

              WB. page 50 - Tidsadverb

week 47: p 48 - read the text and write the yellow Words - start on WB. p 43 with worksheet number 8

                         finnish the story - Listen comprehension - Newsreel

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