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The Wave Chapter 1-2

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Study questions chapter 1-2


The Wave by Morton Rhue


Chapter 1


Write down words from the text that describe these characters:


Laurie Sanders                                  Ben Ross




________________________________                   _____________________________________


_______________________________                     _____________________________________


________________________________                   _____________________________________


________________________________                   _____________________________________




Chapter 2

What have the following pictures to do with the book and what do we get to know about the man and the time?


































-          Why didn’t anyone try to stop them (the Nazis), asks Amy (p.12). What is Ben’s explanation?








Who is Robert? What do we get to know about him?



SPEAK (talk to a friend). WOULD YOU BE ABLE TO SAY NO???  :


Do you agree or disagree with these statements?


Eric: I would never let such a small minority of people rule the majority.


Brad: I wouldn´t let a couple of Nazis scare me into pretending I didn´t see or hear anything.”


Laurie: No, that’s no excuse. They could have run away. They could have fought back. They could think for themselves. Nobody would just follow an order like that.


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