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Grade 8 Unit 2: Health

Skapad 2018-11-11 12:28 i Torpskolan Lerum
Grundskola 8 Engelska
Our identity is formed and expressed by the way we look on both the inside and the outside


Concepts and Questions

Global Context: Identities and Relationships

Key Concepts: Connections

Related Concepts: Point of View and Self-expression


Inquiry Questions

·         What is a healthy lifestyle? 

      Can we exercise too much?

·         How can we make a healthy snack?

·         Why do we sleep?

·         Is it important to live a healthy lifestyle if we are sick?


We will read about why it is important to exercise and what it is like to be an exercise addict and wanting to become too perfect. We will learn about some historical ideals, our skin and why we sleep. We will talk about healthy snacks and discuss what a healthy lifestyle is like. We will read texts and listen to health talks. The unit will end with a written assignment and an oral discussion.

We will use google classroom and the planner to get detailed instructions and documents.



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