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Grundskola 9 Engelska
Love, feelings and poetry


Planering i engelska åk 9 HT-18 /ElBri


We are going to work with section 2 in Wings black, textbook and workbook.

1.   Read the text Falling in love on pages 48-49 in the TB.

2.   Do the exercises in your WB page 40, exercise 13

3.   Go to page 50 in the WB and do exercises A,B,C and

4.   Work with the yellow pages in the WB pp.50 to 56

5.   Read the love poems on pp.56 and 57 in the TB.

6.   Write down as many words as you can that have to do with love.

7.   Write your own lovepoem and illustrate it. You can create it in piccolage or canva. Or ibis paint. Make it in the form of a poster.

8.   Work in groups of three or four. Discuss the best way of breaking up with someone.  Take notes. Discuss i the whole class.

9.   Listen to the song the Rose, p. 78 in the TB. Then go to and try to fill in the gaps.

10.Find your favorite love song and try to explain it in your own words, like a story. The sit in groups and tell your classmates about it.


Good Luck! /Ellen

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