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Movie review

Skapad 2018-11-15 12:11 i Rävlanda skola Härryda
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You are going to watch Waiana and then write a movie review.


Writing a movie review

After watching the movie, I want you to write a review about it.

Write this as an ongoing text, not as individual answers to each question.

Make sure to follow the instructions.


Movie review

The story

Write a short summary of the movie.

When and where does the story take place?

What kind of story is it ; detective story, science fiction, comedy, love story?

What is the most important sequence of the movie?

The characters

Who is the main character of the movie? Are there more than one?

Describe them as well as you can.

How do they look? How old are they? How do they act? Character traits?

Do they change during the movie? What are their relations to each other?

Also choose one of the characters to describe more thoroughly.

The setting

Where does the story take place?

City - countryside, poor - rich, indoors - outdoors?

The message

What is the message of the movie?

Why did the producer make this movie and what does she/he want to say with it?

Your opinion

What is your overall opinion of the movie? What did you like? What did you not like?

Was it easy or difficult to understand the movie with or without the swedish subtitles?

Was the ending as you expected it to be or would you like to change it?


Remember that you always have to explain why you think as you do! Try to give examples from the movie to support your opinion.


Write a movie review in document then share it with me on drive: Name the document: Movie review - Your name


Good Luck!!! :)




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