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Essay writing in English week 48

Skapad 2018-11-28 12:39 i Sofia skola Stockholm Grundskolor
Grundskola F
Write a short handwritten essay in English, 1-2 pages. Choose between two given topics.



Write an essay in English. You are supposed to write 1-2 handwritten pages. You can choose between two topics. Read the instruction for both and then pick one of them. You have two lessons to write.




Topic 1: Write about your pet or the pet you would like to have. Why do like your pet? What are your responsibilities as a pet owner? The pros and cons of having a pet? The title of the essay is ”My favourite pet”.




Topic 2: Write about pets in the city. Is it right to have pets in the city? What kind of pets do you think are more suitable than others in the city. What are the advantages and disadvantages with having pets in the city? The title of the essay is ”Pets for city people”.




Good luck with your essay!


Mats Sundin


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