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Updated menu planning

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Gymnasieskola Matlagningskunskap
Updated menu planning


RL 17 E

Menu planning in groups and individually for Flitiga lisa



Matlagning 1: Theory

Matlagning 2: Practical




Ammis x 80


Starters x 3 x 35/starter

1 Veg

1 Warm


Main courses x 4: x 30/ Main course

Fish, meat & veg


Dessert x 3 x 35/Dessert

1 vegan


Coffee sweets x 80


Bread & ”Butter” or butter  and another one


Groups & service:


1: 13-15/2 Jesper, Nike, Thilda, Erik, Orvar & Alex


2: 20-22/2 Leon, Johan, Madde O, Kim, Johannes & Sophie


3: 6-8/3 Salah, Oscar, Madde P, Julia, Viktor & Noah


Important dates:


7/12: A plan for who is doing what in the group


20/12: Send in what you have done so far individually and a finished menu. You will get time at one class in Eng 6 with DPI.


25/1: Complete menu including detailed ordering list in following segments:






Dry storage


Key words:

Sustainibility, zero waste, seasonal, colors, different cooking methods, textures

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