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Impressionist painting

Skapad 2018-12-05 10:41 i Rödabergsskolan Stockholm Grundskolor
En introduktion till impressionism och dess plats i konsthistoria. En utveckling av farglära, möjligheterna med akryl, en inslag av källkritik följt av en ren avmålning av en impressionist tavla.
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An introduction to Impressionism and it's place in art history followed by painting a copy of an impressionist painting focussing on colour mixing and brush strokes.


This project will be running parallel to your typography design project and you will be working alternate weeks on each project over a period of 12 weeks - 6 weeks on each project.

You will be introduced to the Impressionists via the YouTube videos here:

You will choose a painting by one of the impressionists painted during the end of the 1800s - (not post-impressionists such as Van Gogh, and not a modern painting in the style of the impressionists). 


Impressionist painting

  • Bl  E 9
  • Bl  C 9
  • Bl  A 9
Your painting reflects the general shapes and colours of the original and is recognisable as such. You have attempted to copy the brush strokes from the original in some areas.
You have succeeded to match the colours of the original to some extent and the whole image shows the same quality in terms of brush strokes as the original.
You have managed to capture the essence of the painting in terms of colour, and tonal range and the quality of your brush strokes imitate that of the original in terms of direction, thickness and length
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