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1984 and Today - Human Rights and Surveillance

Skapad 2018-12-06 12:44 i Hagagymnasiet Borlänge
Gymnasieskola Engelska
You will watch Orwell's version of the future and compare it with today's society when it comes to human rights, democracy and surveillance.



1984 and Today - Human Rights and Surveillance

1984 is a Classic. It is a political novel which portrays a totalitarian government/society. What connections can you find to today's society? How can you relate the content of this novel to your own society and other societies? 


Before December 13:

1. Read the two texts - "context" and "plot overview" (see "uppgift").

2. Try to answer as many of the quiz questions as you can (N.B. there will be quite a few questions you cannot answer until after having seen the film) (see "uppgift").


December 13 and 17:

3. Watch the film.

4. Answer (the rest of) the quiz questions.

5. Read the two articles ""China 'social credit': Beijing sets up a huge system" and "Civil Rights Defenders: Internet har blivit ett verktyg för att utöva förtryck" (see "uppgift").

6. Watch this videoclip on "our digital traces" (app. 3 mins.):



December 20:

7. Discuss 1984 in relation to Human Rights, Democracy and Surveillance (key words and questions = handout from your teacher) and compare with today's society. Record your discussion and hand it in!



  • context, plot overview

  • Quiz

  • 2 articles

  • Key words and questions for discussion

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