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Famous criminals

Skapad 2019-01-08 10:57 i Gemensamt i Borlänge Borlänge
Grundskola 9 Engelska
The names of some criminals will be rememered throughout history. You are going to search for facts on one of these criminals and talk about him or her in front of a small group.


There are a lot of criminals out there. Some are bigger than others. Some whose names will be remembered throughout history. You are going to search and write down facts on one famous criminal. Below you’ll find a few questions to help you on what to focus on:


·        The criminal’s background; What do we know about this criminal?


·         What crime did he/she commit? What makes him/her famous?


·       What kind of sentence did he/she receive?


·         Do you think the punishment fits the crime? Why? Why not?


·         Why did you choose this particular criminal?


·        Do you know of any similar criminals?





Use the Internet to search for facts about the criminal, there are a few examples on p.26-28 in Wings 9 textbook, you’ll also find some useful words on p. 10-11. Write down the facts you find and then you´re going to learn things about him/her by heart. Then you are going to talk about him/her in front of a small group only using key words. You should talk around 3-5 minutes.



Målet med arbetsområdet är att du ska:

  • utöka ditt ordförråd om "Crime and punishment".
  • förbättra din förmåga läsa och förstå olika typer av texter inom ämnet
  • förbättra din förmåga att samtala om och beskriva olika typer av brott.
  • förbättra din förmåga att lyssna och förstå talad engelska.