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Terminplanering vår 2019 Eng. 9.kl

Skapad 2019-01-09 13:53 i Vallonskolan Östhammar
Grundskola 9 Engelska
Bookreview, practice for NP and groupwork



Terminplaning vår 2019 Eng. 9. Kl. (NP week 15)


Week:2-5: The fault in our stars: finish the book, write a bookreview and watch the movie.


The Ylva group: works with a very short and easy summary of the book and watches the movie


Week 6-7: Irregular verbs/ Grammar


The Ylva group works with material from Ylva


                    Test: Verbs and grammar




Week 9- 14: practice for the NP – old and not so old NP; reading/listening comprehension, essays and more grammar if needed






Week 17- 19: We look at the NP and practice what was difficult –


Week 20 -24 Groupwork  - Research and presentation


Our vision of the future


What will the earth look like in 50 years


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