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My Home

Skapad 2019-02-06 09:00 i Vallåsskolan Halmstad
Grundskola 6 – 8 Engelska
Here we will gather our lists of words for the assignment "My Home". You will also find the plan for this project.


This is the pan:

1 - Make lists of the different furniture that you can find in a house. You all will get rooms each to make lists about. 

2 - Start to plan your own house - what words will you need? What does your home look like? Are some words missing?

3 - Start to make your house using this tool: 

You can use paper if you want to, or a better tool, if you/we find one.

4 - Prepare to talk about your house and to show your house using "home by me".

5. Present your house.


  • Your lists

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