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Write a letter

Skapad 2019-08-20 12:21 i Mälarhöjdens skola Stockholm Grundskolor
Grundskola 9 Engelska
Skriv ett brev där du presenterar dig och förhåller dig till den layout som ett brev föreskriver.



Write a letter.                                                                    




You will probably end up in situations in your life where you need to write a letter to introduce yourself, to ask for something and/or to inform someone about something. Even if you use email as a way to send your letter, you need it to be formal and to follow a structure.


The following 2 lessons will be used to write a letter to introduce yourself to a host family in another country. It is important that you read the example of a letter that you find here:


and also that you study the 10 steps that you should include in your letter.


We want you to use a correct layout for your letter, and to your help you find different kinds of models of letters when you open up Word on your computer.


Your letter should only be a page long, have the correct layout for a letter and contain a small picture (a photo of you or something else that describes you). Check your spelling and grammar by using the spellcheck and grammarcheck on your computer. Let a friend read your letter and make some changes if your friend suggests it.


Share the finished letter with your teacher, at the latest on Aug 29th.



If you have time over, check out this website, you’ll find tons of different letters to use for different circumstances. Write another letter just for fun, why not a love letter, or a letter to apologize for something.






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