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Planering "The media"

Skapad 2019-08-30 06:49 i Östra skolan Hudiksvall
Grundskola F Engelska
Planering för avsnitt "The media" i Wings 8


The Media - English year 8

  •  Have a look at the words on page 11-12 (TB) The media Wings 8
  • Listen/ read the text on page 10-12 (TB
  • WB page 19 #25


  • Writing project individually (also prepare for an oral presentation in small groups).

-How do you use social media?

-What different types of social media do you use and why?  Give examples.

-How much time do you spend daily on those medias?

- How do you think social media will look like in the future and how will it be used?


  •  Popular soaps and TV shows. Brainstorming, what do you watch and why? Look at an episode of a tv show.
  • TB page 22-2
  • WB page 19 #24 Discuss in pairs . Take notes.
  • Grammar WB page 28-31 Pågående form presens samt pågående form preteritum. Sammandragna former  page 33-34.
  • It´s in the paper TB page 16-19 read and make sure you know the words. 
  • WB page 10-11 # 8 & 9
  • TB page 25-27, Famous reality shows. Read/listen to the text. Discuss in small groups, what is your experience of reality shows? How would you feel if you had a camera following you 24/7?
  • WB page 17 reading comprehension # 19




WB p22 #34, WB p32, WB p35-36, WB p39-40, WB p 6-8 #1,3,4,5

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