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TED talk!

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TED talk, the speech!


A month forward from now, you are going to work with an area that is called TED talk. You are going to learn to build and hold a speech were the goal is to be able to catch the listener’s ears. The subject is free and the speech is going to take 4 – 5 minutes.

How to do it!

 1.      .We´ll get inspired of other TED talks. Learn how they do it, how they speak, what they say, how they say it…

 2.      You learn how to build the TED talk, you use introduction, your story, pathos and the punch line.

 3.       You reflect and choose a subject and you make a mind map or short notices about that.

 4.      You dispose your speech.

 5.      You write your script in your book. Do remember to use the rhetorical figure. It has to be between 4 – 5 minutes.

 6.      Friend assessment: You share your script with a friend and the friend give you constructive criticism.

 7.       Process your script according to your friend’s ideas. Week 37, hand in the script.

 8.      Practice, practice, practice!

 9.      After practicing, you are going to record the speech. Don´t forget to look up, speak clearly and show your commitment for this topic. No use of key cards.

HAND-IN hand in your script of what you´ve written week 37, this also belong to teh grade.

DEADLINE week 38, Wednesday the 18th of September!


TED talk

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