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My body

Skapad 2019-10-01 13:05 i IPS Guldheden The International Preschool AB
This theme is all about me and my body. We have linked this to the previous theme (My family) where we observed that the children showed an interest about themselves and their body. So, we want to take this opportunity to learn and explore more about parts of our body and how it works.



  • Face Picture 

A puzzle where the kids can place all parts of the face on to the picture: eyes, ears, nose, mouth and hair. We have planned to do this activity during our circle time, where they might be more focused and show interest.


  • Songs

We will learn different songs about part of our body in English and Swedish that it wil help them to learn the parts of their body.



  • Art activities



Draw around the body of two different sized children. To learn about sizes and identified different parts of our body.



Make their own face by coloring and pasting on paper parts of the face: ears, eyes, mouth and nose.  


  • Sensory activities

Taste and smell different kinds of fruits.

Barefoot activity by using different material to walk on.