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Engelska år 9. Let's talk New York

Skapad 2019-10-07 10:55 i Rinkebyskolan Stockholm Grundskolor
Grundskola F – 9
Hi everyone! In these lessons you'll lean about New York City, one of the most famous cities in the world. You'll study New York City's history and explore how the city has changed over the years. You might know that New York City is the city with the mostt people in The United States. But did you know what part of the city is actually an island? Those kind of things and many more are we going to go through in this journey through the city. The main objective is to gain more information about the city








Introduction: New York City

1. Warm-up activity 5-10 min

(Write the word city in the middle of the board and say/write as many words as possible that have to do with the topic of cities) 

How are all the words related?

2. Work with: Fact Sheet New York City 

3. Search for New York's Nicknames & explain.

4. Youtube video:

Task one:

Watch this video which explores how New York has changed over time. Go to YouTube: Ek /

NB! Look at the video thoughrouly 

you are going to complete a Sheet of New York now and then.


HOMEWORK: Write a Fact Sheet about different cities in your/your parent's countries.





Cont. writing 

The Fact Sheet about New York

The last 30 min we work with grammar:
Conjunctions and prepostions (these so called "linking words"


Youtube: How are British English and American English Different?


Film: The Wolves of New York

We are going to need 2 lessons to see the film.

Write about the film

(Sitting-dowm drama)

Prepare questions!


The test about this section will be on week 46








 1. Syfte med undervisningen - Varför gör du det här? Vilken nytta har du av det?

 The objective with this unit is to go deeper in some further knowledge about New York City. Every Englsih student in the worlds probably knows something about New York. But, these lessons are designed to give you the opportunity to learn a little bit more about this city. You are also going to practise "Scanning" which is a reading skill for specific information. Here you answer some specific questions and search information that help you to answer those questions rather than trying to understand every word or sentence.

You are going to work with this section for 4 weeks starting from w.45


2. Centralt innehåll - Vad ska du arbeta med?

You are going to search information about people's customs ad traditions.

The project starts from "Fact Sheet" on New York.

When you work your project try to use some strategies in your language that help you to say everything that is important for your work.  



3. Arbetssätt - Hur ska du arbeta?

You see a film about New York now and back in the time.

You work both individually and in pairs. 

While seeing the film you will wrote questions about the film.


4. Hjälp - Hur får du stöd för att klara arbetet?

In order to manage . this unit you are going to get all help you need from me, the internet , homework and Läxhjälpen.

But above everything you get help from me and your classmate when working in pairs.

You may use Happy and the internet.

5. Redovisningsform - Hur och när ska du visa vad du kan? i ska presentera ert arbete muntligt.

You present your work "orally". Further info. in class!

Do a Powerpoint presentation if you want to.

NB! For those of you that have some difficulties in English, I can "hear" your presenations one by one alone if necessary or adapt the work so you can cope with it. 



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PP Rinkebyskolan 2018-19

Rubrik 1

Du förstår innehållet i de texter vi läser. Du kan också visa din förståelse genom att påpeka på och uppfatta tydliga detajer som är avgörandeför ditt skrivande i de texter vi läser.
Du förstår innehållet i de texter vi läser och kan även uppfatta väsentliga (viktiga) detaljer som är viktiga för att förstå sammanhanget. Detta visar du sedan i dina skrivna texter
Du kan förstå helheten och detaljer i de texter du läser
Aspekt 1
Du kan visa din förståelse och kan redogöra för, kommentera och diskutera det du presenterar med godtagbar resultat. I din muntliga framställningen använder du dig också av någon strategi när språket inte räcker till-
du kan redogöra och presentera ditt arbete på ett välgrundat sätt. Du kommenterar och diskuterar med ett tillfredställt resultat. Du använder dig fritt av strategier när ordkunskap inte räcker till.
Du kan redogöra ditt arbete på ett välgrundat och nyanserat sätt. Du använder dig av strategier både när språket inte räcker till men även för att "förgylla" ditt arbete.
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