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A Christmas Carol

Skapad 2019-11-21 10:23 i Gunnesboskolan Lunds för- och grundskolor
Grundskola 7 – 9
Charles Dickens You will learn about Charles Dickens and about the living conditions for the poor during the Victorian Era in London.


A Christmas Carol


You listen to and read A Christmas Carol by Dickens. The goal is to learn new words and to understand and analyze the text. You have the possibility to work at your own pace.

We are going to do the following tasks and you can choose either to:

  • Read and listen to nine 15-minute-recordings by BBC School Radio


  • Read the original text.

If you want to you can switch between the different levels, for example one week you listen to a recording and next week you read the original text. 

Answer the questions and do the tasks in a document in your Google Classroom