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Art - Colour mixing

Skapad 2019-12-01 22:00 i Kvarngärdesskolan Uppsala
Grundskola F
Colour mixing techniques


Our goal:


  • You will develop your ability to express creatively and build on skills learnt previously
  • You will try different techniques and different media.




  • We will use different techniques to express our creativity.
  • We will create using different materials.
  • We will use coffee filter paper as the basis of this activity instead of normal watercolour paper. 
  • We will outline the leaves in heavy black outlines.
  • We will look at the effect of using this paper and will use a number of colours to create a sense of the organic variation in nature (even if we do not use colours based on nature).






  • Your ability to use different materials
  • Your ability to use different techniques.


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