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Visit at Saco Student Fair

Skapad 2019-12-03 09:43 i Rodengymnasiet Norrtälje
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This planning covers the work with your visit at Saco Student Fair.


Class 1 (26/11) You prepare for your visit at Sacomässan

Class x 27/11 - no class due to teacher-student-parent meeting

Class 2 3/12 You will make a booklet with information from your visit to the Saco Student Fair. The booklet shall be directed towards students year 1 at our program and it must contain information about:

- how you planned your visit (using app etc)

- what you wanted to see and why you were interested in it

- a description/narration of the visit over all (how did you get there, what was your over all impression of the fair etc)

- some of  (or all of) the questions you asked the exhibitors and the answers you received

- any advice to future visitors

Class 3 Finish your booklet and hand in (via Unikum)


  • Saco Student Fair booklet

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