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8B The United States of America Vecka 3-5

Skapad 2019-12-13 11:18 i Sundbyskolan Stockholm Grundskolor
Grundskola 7 – 8 Engelska
This unit is about two major American cities: New York City and Los Angeles. Both cities are very popular with tourists and local residents alike. They are, however, also very different from each other.


 Learning goals:


I am able to listen to and understand authentic American English.

I am able to use reading strategies to learn about two major American cities.

Grammar: to be able to use different degrees of comparison, practise comparatives and superlatives.


Write a Comparative Text

  • Write a short text of about 150 words. In your text, you should:

    1. ​compare New York City to Los Angeles

    2. use the comparative and superlative forms

    3. write which of the two cities you would like to live in and why

    4. look up words and check your spelling by using the dictionary.

Share and Revise your Work

​Team up with a classmate, and read each other's text

Give each other constructive feedback:

What did you like?

What could be improved?

Use the feedback to improve your text.


Then, hand it in to your teacher!