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Name recognition and name writing

Skapad 2020-01-12 19:25 i The English School Gothenburg Fristående förskolor
We want to work with recognising our names and the letters in them. Also start the process of learning to write our names.


Purpose/Reason behind the topic
what do we want to achieve when working on this topic?

We want to introduce the exciting world of letters and the written language on the children´s different levels and abilities. To start this we will be doing lots of activities to encourage name recognition and some children we will be doing name writing activities.

- what are the children interested in?

We have noticed that many of the children are showing an interest in wanting to write their own names and also looking at all the name tags trying to red the names. The children have also started asking what certain words say in books when we read to them.


Goals- Lpfö18

What goals from the curriculum do we want to work towards?

  • an interest in the written language and an understanding of symbols and how they are used to convey messages, 


  • an interest in stories, pictures and texts in different media, both digital and other, and their ability to use, interpret, question and discuss them,

why these goals?

As we have not yet covered these goals in the curriculum yet and the children have shown such an interest in letters and words, we feel its the right time to work towards these goals. We also feel it´s important that the children understand the benefits of the written language and how much information and fun they can get from later on being able to read and write.



- How are we going to reach the goals? 

We will be doing many varied activities within the children's different levels. We will be studying our names and different letters through art activities, games and worksheets.

What activities are we planning to reach our goals?

  • We will be doing tracing activities.
  • We will be doing letter matching activities.
  • Games during circle time and gym


Pedagogical documentation

- How can we involve the children in their own documentation?

We will be documenting the activities through pictures, however the children's ability to recognise and write their own name will be documented by the children on paper and pictures / videos on iPad.


Kopplingar till läroplanen

  • intresse för skriftspråk samt förståelse för symboler och hur de används för att förmedla budskap,
    Lpfö 18
  • intresse för berättelser, bilder och texter i olika medier, såväl digitala som andra, samt sin förmåga att använda sig av, tolka, ifrågasätta och samtala om dessa,
    Lpfö 18
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