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Let's Talk London

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Grundskola F
In this unit the texts take you to Covent Garden, The London Dungeon, and the new Wembley Stadium. You can also read about The Tower of London and Madame Tussaud’s and listen to a trip by boat along the Thames. In this unit we will do a project work about London as well. During this unit we will also continue to work with verbs together.









A London Quiz and Kahoot!

Get Started!



Let’s Talk London


Translate the text. Write it down. Translate it back to Swedish.

Words and read the text.


The London Dungeon

p. 64-65

Read and translate.

Words and read the text.


The New Wembley Stadium

p. 66-67

Read and do a summary of the text and hand in.



”A London River Trip”

Listen together and do the exercise.



London Project: plan a weekend in London

See handout

Finish the assignment at home if neccesary.

Do the quizzes. Your username is your emailadress and password hallon20









Read all green boxes carefully and do the

do the assignments!


Hand in!



-Be Have Do Can

WB 126-127




WB 128-130




WB 130, Exercise 2

Hand it in on paper.





Homeworks and tests


Words (glosor) every Friday and I will also ask you to take the book home and read and translate the texts.

3/2 Monday, Read and Write             

2/3 Monday, Listening

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