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Our time - My story. Writing assignment.

Skapad 2020-01-16 13:24 i Ytterbyskolan Kungälv
Grundskola 7 – 9 Engelska
You've been invited to write a text for a magazine about yourself and the time you live in!


Plan your writing and make sure that you have time to write about all three parts! 


1. Introduce youself and describe your life right now - For example, school, activities and interests. 

2. Explain how different styles and trends influence you now or have influenced you before - For example music, clothing, technology and so on. 

3. Write about one or two issues that are important to you or to other people, today and in the future. - It can be about health, the environment, politics, religion or whatever you think is important! 


Your text is supposed to be about 250 - 500 words. 


Remember to think about how you structure your text. Introduction, main body (huvuddel) and ending.


Why are we doing this assignment?


1. To practise our writing skills (is it understandable, does the text have a good flow, how's the structure, is there a red thread?)

2. To explain and argument in a written text

3. If you know how to write you've the whole world in your hands!


In this assignment I will evaluate (bedöma) the following.


1. How good you can write. (Is it easy to understand, how does the text flow, is there a red thread?).

2. How you structure your text (sentences and the text as a whole).

3. If you use the correct tense (tempus).


Good luck!