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Grundskola 7 Engelska
There is no denying: food is all around us. We have different food cultures in different countries, but also in different homes. We talk about healthy food, unhealthy food, diets, the importance of breakfast etc. During this period we will work with food in different ways.




Why food?

Food is an important part of culture, which is why it is interesting to focus on it in English class. The aim of this unit is to develop the ability to:

- reflect on culture in areas where English is used.

- understand spoken English.

- write.

- read.

- speak.


In the classroom

We will work with words in different ways, read and write different texts, have discussions concerning food and listen to spoken English. We will also work a bit with grammar.


- Countable/uncountable nouns

- The simple past tense



The food culture where I live. 


  • Homework for Thursday week 11

  • Homework for Thursday week 9

  • Diary - practising the past simple

  • Speaking

  • A Class Word List - Food

  • Countable and uncountable nouns - food

  • Homework for Thursday week 6: Kitchen Verbs

  • Reading At the Restaurant (the simple past)

  • Reading - a Story about Food

  • Listening: Dinner Recipes

  • The Food Culture Where I live

  • Extra (for the teacher)

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