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Construction and transportation

Skapad 2020-03-10 15:17 i IPS Guldheden The International Preschool AB
This is our project about Bob the Builder who is traveling to different places and construct different things. Along the way on his big adventure he needs our help. Bring the toolbox, the excavator and the bulldozer and let's get started!


We started this project with focus on different things the group were interested in, for example animals, numbers, super heores etc..

BUT then we saw that the childrens interest took another turn when the playground construction started happening outside our classroom...

The excavators, tractors and other building machines that we have seen started a big passion for the group. From then on, we focused our project on construction and building. We wanted to support the playground outside by having our own machines and construction in our project so that we are working side by side with the outside world. We are still using the same goals to work towards and using the same tools since we still want to interpret digitalization in our work. 


To interpret digitalization in this project we are working with different apps about Bob the Builder and Alfons Åberg. We are watching videos on youtube and looking at pictures online about construction. We are also using a little robot friend called BeeBot to help us learn about programming and following maps we need to find new construction sites.

In this project we are working in both English and Swedish and we are using all of our opportunities to learn the words related to the project in both languages, for example; tools/verktyg, excavator/grävmaskin, build/bygga.. We are including both English and Swedish in every conversation that is taking place.



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