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Grundskola F – 9
In this module we will be looking at what makes economies work at the national and international levels. At these levels, economics is referred to as macroeconomics, as opposed to microeconomics, which is economics at the level of the individual.




In this lesson module we will be examining macroeconomics at the national and international levels. We will explore key concepts that form the foundation of modern macroeconomics as it developed from the end of the Second World War and the establishment of the Bretton Woods system of global economic management to the most recent era of globalization since the end of the Cold War.



The object of the module is to acquaint you with the key concepts in macroeconomics. At the completion of the module, you should be able to describe how contemporary capitalist economies function nationally and internationally by utilizing the concepts you have learned to identify, describe, and explain key components of these economies.



We will be working with the following digital resources (for which you will be provided account information if necessary): (Marginal Revolution University)


All information will be accesible at the above websites as well as in your OneNote ClassNotebook.



In class assessment will occur continuously in relation to group and class activities, and discussion. In addition, there will be a written assigment (exam prep) and an exam that covers the material for this unit.


  • Exam - Macroeconomics

  • Macroeconomics - Exam

  • Study Question - Exam Prep

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