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Rödabergsskolans Template Mall Years 4-6

Skapad 2020-04-28 14:00 i Rödabergsskolan Stockholm Grundskolor
Grundskola 4 – 6 Matematik NO (år 1-3) SO (år 1-3) Svenska Engelska Svenska som andraspråk
Introduction: This where you write a quick intro to give an overview on the planning or unit's content.


Lesson Content:

Describe the content from these points:

* How long will the unit take?

* What type of learning materials will you use: Textbooks? Teaching books? Workbooks? Digital tools?

* What will you do in the lessons? Read? Discussions? Work in a workbook? 

* Are you going to take any field trips?

* Ska ni se på lärfilmer på t.ex SLI, URskola?

* Bjuder ni in någon utifrån som kommer till klassen och berättar om något?

* Hur sker arbetet? Enskilt, pararbeten, större grupparbeten eller kanske lite av varje?


Goals- if you want:

* Explain the goals in student-friendly language


Useful Links- if you want:

* Useful links that the students might need for extra or challenging work


Grading Requirements:

Explain what you will be looking for in the students' work

* Contributions and work during the lessons

* Quality of written or oral assignments

*Quality and contribution in group work

* Homework/Tests/Etc.



Add the following to complete your planning:

Attached assessments Your choice what they are

From LGR11: Syfte och centralt innehåll.  Clickable

Rubric. Add an already existing rubric, or create your own if you wish.

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