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Propaganda & Graphic Arts

Skapad 2020-06-15 14:01 i Rödabergsskolan Stockholm Grundskolor
I detta arbetsområde får eleverna lära sig om propaganda, samt arbeta med linoleumtryck.
Grundskola 7 – 9 Bild
Time to work with PROPAGANDA! Maybe you've heard the word before - maybe not! In any case, propaganda is an image, film or text that aims to influence our views in a specific direction. In this project you will learn what propaganda has looked like in the 20th century until today, and you will produce a propaganda image yourself with the help of graphic arts. In other words, it's time to try to convince friends and family that your YOUR opinion is the only right one!



We will...

  • Create a print in one or two colors, and learn how to use the material required for this properly
  • Repeat the rule of thirds and perspective
  • Learn the difference between advertising and propaganda
  • Discuss how images have been used to influence people's views


After the project you should be able to...

  • Produce a graphic print in at least one color

  • Express an opinion in an image using motifs and composition

  • Know the names of the materials and techniques we have used

  • Know and describe how images can be used to influence what we think


  • Material for two-dimensional work, focusing on graphic print.


You will be assessed on ...

  • The quality of your print, and how well your propaganda image communicates the opinion you have chosen
  • Your ability to analyze how images are used to express opinions and feelings
  • Your work process

Assessment takes place continuously during the project.


Propaganda & Graphic Arts

Rubrik 1

Your poster contains both text and an image. The image and text is blurry and hard to read. You use one colour.
Your poster contains an image that reinfirces your text message. It is easy to see both text and image. You use and experiment with several colours when you make your print. Your final print is neat and have a good composition.
Your poster contains an image that reinfirces your text message. Your composition is well-made and you use different colours to reinforce your message. Your print is neat and detailed.
You know what propaganda is.
You know what propaganda is and can decribe how it can be used.
You know what propaganda is and how it can be used. You use exampels to show how you think.
You often need help, or don't know what to do in class. You need to be reminded of what to do next when you work.
You ask for help after you have tried to solve difficulties yourself. You take responsibility for knowing what to do in class by asking the teacher questions.
You work in an independent way, and experiment to get the result that you want. You take responsibility for the "next step" in your task, and make sure to help others if needed.
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